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In college i studied packaging design & graphic design. I love to create packages, the way of thinking in 3D and the fact that you can hold the product in your hand once you're done, try it, play with it and display your product. 

I would be very excited to develop packaging design for you so please let me know what you need. 

ONI Soap

Collaboration with the new product ONI Soap. Soap production by: Tim Comerford, design and packaging by: Petra Josefsson

Wine Labels layout

School Project, Wine Labels for two different target groups. Packaging design & Photo by Petra Josefsson. Cheers!

Oboy packaging

School project, group work. responsibilities: Design and research.

Cool underwear for teens

School project, group work. responsibilities: Design and research.

BIO Céan

Task: Develop packaging and design for 3 spa products.


Project work for a medical company in Norway, Duvé Medica in cooperation with Ranhammar AB. Packaging construction, packaging design developed by Petra Josefsson.

The Cube

Playful Project, the folding cube. A regular cube has 6 sides but my cube is twice as fun. When you fold it you will find 12 sides, all with different pictures, go ahead and play!

Wedding Invite

A 3D folding packaging with a message on each sheet you unfold before you reach the main invitation.


Final project before exam in marketing branding and packaging design in collaboration with the company Procordia AB. Brief, to expand the product portfolio for the company to help them find solutions to generate increased sales growth in the market.


With the new design and pump bottle it's easier to get more foot cream without smudging. Bright, modern colors attract a even the feminine market and gives a more sophisticated look. A display is made to promote more sales when the redesign reaches the stores.

PrimeBlade 2010 campaign

Task: Develop packaging and design for a company selling blades to printing houses. 2010 campaign.

PIDA – Award medalist

Sunset chocolate: Award medalist in packaging in a PIDA packaging competition 2009

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